Thursday, February 10, 2011


South Coast Trip - Part 2

After the successful stopover at Ulladulla we headed south to Eden. On the way we passed many great looking photography sites. I managed to resist the temptation to stop and explore most, but at Narooma all those waders got to me.

There were heaps of Godwits, and Oystercatchers about, but it was the lone Eastern Curlew that caught my eye. Stuff the harsh light, anything would improve on my past efforts.
I didn't have any great plans for Eden as it was just a place to spend the night. However a quick visit to the beach over the road from the campground proved fruitful. There was an adult and an immature Pacific Gull paying close attention to a couple of fisherman. It may be a common species down south, but up on the Central Coast it is not. As usual my wife quickly disowned me and called me an embarrassment, or words to that effect. The beach wasn't crowded and I wasn't wearing any camouflage . It didn't matter, I approached the unsuspecting birds. 
All too easy as the birds had food on their minds. The only problem I had was with people who let dogs roam uncontrolled on the beach.

I did check out the estuary, however as in past visits, the place was almost deserted.

This gull dug out the crab and then proceeded to amputate the legs before consuming them. Surprisingly it walked away leaving the body intact. Wasteful  bugger.


  1. Lovely images Gerard. My wife has disowned me many times as well when I've spotted a bird when we've been out!

  2. Some wonderful images, I've had my first encounter with an Eastern Curlew recently, though I found it near impossible to get close too, still a record shot is better than no shot ;) Sounds like a nice trip though.