Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pelican Point

A quick trip this afternoon to check out the waders before they headed north. I was fortunate to be able to photograph two birds of prey in the same area.

Red-capped Plover

Red-necked Stint

White-bellied Sea-eagle
Grey-tailed Tattler
Ruddy Turnstone

Nankeen Kestrel Photographed at Soldiers Point
Double-banded Plover

Other birds seen were Great cormorants, Crested Terns and Golden Pacific Plovers. I didn't bother checking nearby Soldiers Point as there were too many fishermen about.


  1. loving each of your photographs Gerard; hard to say which is my favourite, that Nankeen Kestral is pretty special.

  2. Magnificent pictures Gerard.
    Not only great records of the birds but just sublime to look at, so pleasing to the eye!
    Well done and thank-you!

  3. Absolutely stunning pictures, especially the Nankeen Kestrel!
    Love your blog! Makes me want to discover more!

  4. Gerard superb photo's great site, pity I missed you on your trip up north.

    Cheers Steve McLean